Autobahns - First LP!

by Autobahns



Well, well - this one grows a lot! The first Autobahns LP with their 12 tracks sounds so fresh and so totally 80's at the same time to me, somehow maybe like the bullshit parts of the last 40 years do disappear for the moment the record spins. I always recognize myself playing this record again once it's over to keep that quirky-strange feeling going on. Usually I don't pick a certain song, but if I had to "Loss Of The Rights" with that "1982 coming of age" hook in the chorus is the real deal.

Autobahns is the solo project of swiss italian musician Giuliano Iannarella, currently living in Leipzig (Germany).

recorded & mixed by Autobahns
mastered by John Angelo
Artwork by Giuliano Punto

co-release w/
Feral Kid Records (US)
Legless Records (AUS)
Magüt Records (EU)

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