Highway Patrol - On A Sensual Ride LP

by Highway Patrol



Releasedate: 30.04.2024

A sweet golden wind blows, a wonky guitar plays tricks on your mind, an eerie voice slides through the dampness makin your hair stand on end and suddenly you are right in the middle of the sound of HIGHWAY PATROL. Whether it's a lonely motel, an overgrown swamp or a strip bar, those songs do indeed take you on a wild and sensual ride. Seems like those instrument swapping freaks have been diving deep into the waters that have been fueling blues and rock'n'roll since the 70ies. Producing a mysterious mixture between country, soul, rhythm'n'roll. (Have dark forces been dippingtheir finger in the pie?) You'll get your heart broken and fixed in no time!,  while those putrid drums will make you dizzy with their wild rhythm. Either way they play a barn in front of 30 people or a venue packed to the top, nobody could ever escape their ease 'n' tension. 
So lets hear what some other guys have to say after listening to this little beast:

„If I had to marry, I would marry the band HIGHWAY PATROL.“ Henne von Henne Records.

„I am quite sure behind the trashy shell lurks a real diamond.“ Screamin' Jay Hawkins, questioned via ouija board in spring '24.

Recorded by Dr. Cherrylove
Mixed by & Cover photo: Patrick Liebach
Mastered by Tobi / Dongxuan Productions

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